This is a diversified farm with a number of well established businesses operating from converted farm buildings. By utilising the roof space to generate electricity the owner has been able to establish a guaranteed income stream and to offer his tenants advantageous prices for their energy use.


The installation is made up of 3 separate 10 kWp arrays, each comprising 54 x Upsolar M190P modules. Each array is mounted on a south-facing barn roof using a cruciform system which is secured through corrugated fibre cement panels using Ejot hanger bolts drilled into the purlins.


The electrical connections are to Sunny Tripower 10000TL inverters connected to separate incoming 3-phase supplies and each of the incoming supplies has its own metering.


The distances between the arrays and their respective distribution boards are over 130m. and the cables run underground and overhead at different points along their routes. The cables are SWA 16mm csa and have been sized to minimise voltage drop.