The owners of a large hotel and leisure centre complex are concerned about the impact of rising energy costs on their business. We installed a 82 kWp photovoltaic array consisting of 356 Upsolar M230P modules linked to 6 SMA Sunny Tripower inverters. This array is estimated to generate about 77.5 MWhs of electricity annually. The majority of this will be utilised onsite, but at times there will be some excess power which will be sold back to the grid.


The array is divided into a 50kW and a 32kWp main sub-arrays, supplying power to the hotel and the leisure centre respectively. It is mounted on a Schuco MSE210 field mounting system, located in a field which adjoins the hotel. Electrical connection to the hotel is from two separate sub-distribution boards located in a purpose-built plant room at the array via buried SWA cables to the main plant rooms within the hotel and the leisure centre.


The sub-arrays are divided into 16 separate strings of modules linked via SWA cable back to the inverters in the array plant room.