All the heating and hot water for this recently constructed property and the adjoining swimming pool was previously supplied by an IVT Greenline ground source heat pump. However the owner found that the operating cost of the system was considerably higher than his expectations. In particular the cost of heating the outdoor swimming pool from the heat pump via a heat main was excessive.


To provide an alternative heat source we installed a ground-mounted 180 tube solar thermal array to heat the pool and also connected it to the house via a heat main. When the swimming pool reaches its target temperature or when it is not in use, all surplus heat from the array is diverted into the house to heat the domestic hot water cylinder. This helps to improve the efficiency of the heat pump by minimising the periods during which the heat pump is called upon to supply hot water to an elevated temperature.


We also installed a ground-mounted 4.0 kWp PV array (16 x 250 Wp Yingli modules) which helps to offset the electricity consumed by the heat pump.