We were involved throughout the construction of this detached rural home
and have been able to ensure that the heat pump pipework and controls
are integrated into the fabric of building as seamlessly as possible. At the
outset we prepared a room-by-room heat loss analysis which was used to
assist in the design of the build.

We installed a 12kW NIBE F2040 on a purpose-built plinth against a wall,
connected using a continuous length of pre-insulated DN20 Solarflex to the
hot water cylinder and buffer tank in the basement. Hot water is supplied
from a 200L NIBE Megacoil cylinder with a secondary circulation loop. A
UKV 40L buffer tank connects to separate UFH manifolds on each of the 3

The heat pump also supplies heating for an extra climate system which
connects to a newly constructed garage/office via a 15m Microflex Duo
heat main. Heat can be distributed to this building when it is occupied.

To achieve enhanced operating efficiency the system is weather
compensated, which ensures that the flow temperature output by the heat
pump is adjusted to match the outdoor temperature. The NIBE MyUplink
facility provides remote monitoring which enables us to provide enhanced
technical support.