Alongside plans to add a significant extension to the back of their house,
the owners of this detached rural property took the opportunity provided
by the disruption to replace the two oil-fired boilers that were heating their
home and indoor swimming pool with a single air source heat pump.

Based on our room-by-room heat loss analysis underfloor heating was
installed throughout the ground floor as part of the refurbishment whilst
upstairs the existing radiators were retained. The peak heating
requirement was matched by a 16kW NIBE F2040 heat pump operating at
a design flow temperature of 45°C, equivalent to a seasonal coefficient of
performance (SCOP) of 3.76.

The heat pump is installed next to an outbuilding connecting firstly using
DN20 Solarflex to a heat exchanger mounted in the pool filtration circuit,
then continuing for another 25m onto the 300L Megacoil hot water cylinder
and a 40L heating buffer tank installed in the roof. An SMO S40 module
controls switching between heating, hot water and pool.

The NIBE heat pump uses an inverter-driven compressor which allows it to
modulate its output to match heat demand, using an external sensor to
calculate the required flow temperature (weather compensation).

We has previously installed a 4.97kW PV array which helps offset the running costs of the heat pump, and other electricity usage in the house.