This single storey 1-bedroom new build has been designed and constructed to a high standard of energy efficiency. It serves as a detached annexe to a listed ex-Wesleyan Chapel and uses a range of renewable technologies to maintain comfort and to minimise ongoing fuel costs.


A 16kW NIBE F2040 air source heat pump (ASHP) supplies heat to an underfloor heating manifold and to a 160L Megacoil hot water cylinder mounted in the roof space. The heat pump is also connected via a buried heat main to the main house where it operates as a hybrid system alongside an existing gas-fired boiler. An SMO S40 in the annexe controls distribution of heat to each of the buildings and to the hot water cylinder.


The PV array comprises 14 JA Solar 340W monocrystalline modules (nominal capacity 4.76 kWp) mounted in-roof using a GSE system. The array is connected to the grid via a SolarEdge inverter which mitigates shading from the adjacent chapel using power optimisers for each module. Any surplus power generated by the array feeds through to the main house.


The heat pump and the PV array are each connected to a broadband router and can be monitored via online portals.