This 4 bedroom semi-detached house has been extended and extensively
refurbished with underfloor heating in the new extension and wall-mounted
radiators elsewhere. Heating and hot water is supplied by an air source
heat pump.

The plans were reviewed using a room-by-room heat loss analysis and we
determined that the heat pump would meet the peak space heating
requirement at a flow temperature of 40°C, equivalent to a seasonal
coefficient of performance of 3.94.

We installed a 12 kW NIBE F2040 heat pump on a plinth in the garden
connected to the heating system in the house via an 18m Microflex Duo
heat main. We installed a 300L hot water cylinder in the roof space.
Underfloor heating has been installed throughout the ground floor with
wall mounted radiators on the first floor. The system is weather
compensated, which ensures that the flow temperature from the heat
pump is constantly adjusted to match the outdoor temperature.

The NIBE Uplink facility provides remote monitoring which enables us to
provide enhanced technical support.