We were asked by the owners of this 4-bedroom detached house to
replace an air source heat pump which was very noisy (~ 60 dB(A)) and
had been disturbing their nearest neighbours for some time. After
numerous attempts by the installer to reduce the noise the owners
concluded that the heat pump had to be decommissioned and removed.

By accurately calculating the actual heat losses we were able to replace a
16 kW split-unit with a smaller but more efficient 12kW NIBE F2040 heat
pump. The noise emissions from the NIBE unit have been measured at
only ~40 dB(A).

The NIBE heat pump uses an inverter-driven compressor which allows it to
modulate its output to match heat demand, using an external sensor to
calculate the required flow temperature (weather compensation). This
makes it considerably more efficient than the unit it replaced, with a
Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCoP) of 3.67 at a design flow
temperature of 45°C. It supplies space heating via underfloor heating on
the ground floor and wall mounted radiators on the first floor.