A 25 kW wood gasification boiler was installed to provide heating and hot water for their shop.

A 25 kW Ecoangus Orligno 200 boiler and a 1400 litre accumulator tank have been squeezed into the basement of the building, which is listed. Because of space constraints and limited headroom in the basement, we specified an Akvantti oval accumulator tank which fits snugly into a space besides the stairs. A Laddomat 21-60 maintains the efficiency of combustion within the boiler and regulates the rate at which the store is charged. The circuit includes a 150 litre expansion vessel.

The chimney exits through a basement window, runs up the side of the building to a height of 9 metres and as a requirement for listed building consent is painted black. A chimney fan ensures that there is no possibility that smoke blows back into the basement when loading logs.