As part of an extensive refurbishment the owners of this detached rural house wanted to use their plentiful supply of logs from nearby woodland to heat their home and to offset their oil-fired boiler, as much as possible. They were also concerned to achieve ‘contemporary’ styling and wanted a double sided stove that would directly heat both their living room and dining room.

We installed a double-sided 20kW Woodfire RX20 DS inset boiler stove into an existing brick chimney. This has a nominal output of 12kW to the boiler and 4kW to each of the adjoining rooms. This boiler stove is pressurised and has externally vented overheating protection using a quench coil.

The stove is connected via an LK810 Termomat charge control pump to a 500 litre Bio Quattro thermal store located in the garage. The thermal store supplies both heating and hot water distribution systems. If the wood stove is not in use then the thermal store will be automatically maintained at its set point temperature by an oil-fired boiler.

The flow rate from the mains water supply into the property was very poor, whilst the mains pressure was good (~ 3 bar). To enable us to convert to a mains pressure hot water system we installed a 500 litre Coldstream cold water accumulator vessel which provides a buffer to maintain an adequate flow rate.