By installing a biomass boiler this farm has reduced its energy costs. The boiler supplies heating and hot water to a dairy and to 2 houses from a central plant room via radial heat mains.

The heat main is served by a 40kW EcoAngus Orligno 200 wood gasification boiler linked to a 2,000 litre Akvaterm accumulator tank. Transfer of heat from the boiler to the Akvaterm is controlled by a Laddomat 21-60 load charging pump and valve, helping to maintain efficient combustion.

In the dairy two robotic milking machines are automatically washed 3 times a day. This water is heated to 90°C by a heat exchanger connected to the heat main.

Sontex heat meters measure the heat used in each building and the heat generated by the boiler.

Logs are sourced locally at negligible cost and seasoned on site.