This 14.28 kWh ground mounted PV array was installed on land out of view of the large, detached house and annexe to which it supplies power. The array is connected via a 125m buried SWA cable to a 3-phase sub-distribution board in a plant room.


The array consists of 42 JA Solar 340 Wp modules connected in 2 strings to two separate 6kW Solis DC coupled 3-phase hybrid inverters located in the plant room. It is mounted in two rows on a Van Der Valk Field Mount system, secured with concrete foundations.


Each of the inverters is connected to a 7.1 kWh Pylontech Force H2 modular battery, which enhances self-consumption of the power generated by the array. The modular battery allows for capacity to be expanded at a later date.


We used an RT20 trencher to excavate the trench for the cable to a depth of 0.75m. This created a very narrow trench which helped to minimise disruption to the garden and the amount of spoil that needed to be dispersed.


The 3-phase connection allows fast charging for electric vehicles as well as supplying a ground source heat pump and an electric boiler.