Each of these 3-bedroom semi-detached new build properties is supplied with heating and hot water by a 6kW NIBE F2040 air source heat pump. The electricity consumed by the heat pumps is partially offset by in-roof mounted PV arrays.

The heat pumps are connected to 300L Megcoil pressurised DHW cylinders mounted in each of the roof spaces. Space heating is provided by UFH on the ground floor and wall mounted radiators on the first floor, with the UFH manifold and a 40-litre buffer tank mounted under the stairs.

To achieve enhanced operating efficiency the system is weather compensated, which ensures that the flow temperature output by the heat pump is adjusted to match the outdoor temperature. NIBE Uplink provides remote monitoring of system performance and alerts, enabling us to provide enhanced technical support.

Each property also has a 2.135kWp PV array comprised of 7 x JA Solar 305 Wp black modules in a GSE in-roof mounting system. These connect to the grid via a 2kW Solis Mini inverter mounted on an external wall