This single storey conversion is in a rural area and the new owners were
keen to avoid using an oil-fired boiler for heating and hot water. Despite its
location within the curtilage of a listed building, planning permission was
granted for a flat plate solar thermal collector.

The project was part of a complete refurbishment which included almost
doubling the floor area of the living space. Underfloor heating has been
installed throughout, with the main heating supplied by a Mitsubishi
Ecodan HW140 air source heat pump. The heat pump also supplies
domestic hot water during winter months. For peak loads supplementary
heating is provided by a large wood stove, located centrally.

Domestic hot water storage is supplied by a 200 litre unvented cylinder. To
enhance the solar contribution and minimise use of the heat pump this
includes two solar coils. Heat is initially directed to the upper coil; when the
upper cylinder reaches its target temperature further heat is diverted into
the lower coil.

Two stainless steel towel radiators are directly connected to the storage
cylinder and provide overheating protection for the solar thermal collectors.