This 4-bedroom new build has been designed and constructed to a high
standard of energy efficiency. It uses a range of renewable technologies to
maintain comfort and to minimise ongoing fuel costs.

An 8kW NIBE F2040 air source heat pump (ASHP) supplies heat to
underfloor heating zones controlled by thermostats in each room. The heat
pump supplies domestic hot water during winter months. Space heating
can also be supplemented via the MVHR supply ducting using an inline
water/air heat exchanger. To match peak loads supplementary heating is
provided by a small Burley wood stove.

A 40 tube solar thermal collector contributes heat to a 180 l unvented DHW
cylinder located in the roof space. To enhance the solar contribution and
minimise use of the heat pump this includes two solar coils. Heat is initially
directed to the upper coil; when the upper cylinder reaches its target
temperature further heat is diverted into the lower coil.