This large, detached house has been newly built to high levels of energy efficiency with heating and hot water supplied by a 12kW ground source heat pump. The power consumed by the heat pump is partially offset by a 3.22kWp PV array.

We installed a 12kW NIBE S1155 ground source heat pump in the garage which connects to distribution systems in the house via a short heat main. A 40L buffer tank located under the stairs regulates heat supplied to an underfloor heating manifold. Hot water is provided by a 300L Megacoil unvented hot water cylinder.

The heat pump is supplied by a 570m horizontal ground collector array comprised of 3 x 190m loops connected to an above ground manifold. The soil thermal conductivity was estimated to be relatively low (~1.00 W/mK).

Household electricity consumption, including the heat pump, is offset by a 3.22kWp PV array comprised of seven 460 Wp modules manufactured by Canadian Solar connected to a 3 kW Solis PV inverter.

The NIBE MyUplink portal provides remote monitoring and will email alerts to customer support in the event of an alarm condition.