A small ground source heat pump has replaced an oil-fired boiler providing space heating and hot water to this detached annexe. The roof space above a garage has been converted into a studio apartment, with a garage and utility room below.

We decommissioned the oil boiler and installed a 6kW NIBE S1155 heat pump with a 200 litre unvented DHW storage cylinder in a utility room. This heat pump shares its ground collector with another 12kW NIBE S1155 heat pump on the same site. Each of these heat pumps is connected to the same manifold via header pipes, with balancing valves ensuring that there is sufficient flow to each heat pump.

The heat pump connects to an existing underfloor heating system via a 40L buffer tank.

Using the MyUplink portal the heat pump can be monitored remotely and notifications are sent directly to service support.