Along with extending and refurbishing their home the owners of this large, detached rural property wanted to do away with their old, inefficient oil-fired boiler. To take advantage of a large area of land away from the house, they opted for a ground source heat pump.

After analysing the building heat losses, we specified the heat emitter capacities for wall-mounted radiators in the refurbished areas. The ground floor is served by an existing UFH system. To match the high hot water load we installed a 600L tank-in-tank hot water cylinder with a secondary circulation system to compensate for long hot water pipe runs to the far end of the building.

After decommissioning and removing the oil boiler, we installed a 12kW NIBE S1155 heat pump in the plant room, connecting onto the existing hot water and heat distribution systems. The heat pump is supplied by a 1 km horizontal ground collector array comprised of 5 x 200m loops connected to a buried manifold chamber. The soil thermal conductivity was estimated to be relatively low (~1.00 W/mK) with some areas of chalk and the ground collector was extended to compensate.

The NIBE MyUplink portal provides remote monitoring and will email alerts to customer support in the event of an alarm condition. The installation is registered to receive domestic RHI payments.

We subsequently installed a 7.59kW PV array which significantly offsets the running costs of the heat pump.