The owners of this 6-bedroom grade 2 listed house decided to replace their old oil-fired boiler with a ground source heat pump (GSHP). Parts of the property date from the 16th century, and there is limited scope to improve its energy efficiency by adding insulation or improving air-tightness.

Our heat loss analysis established that the peak heating requirement could be matched by a 25kW heat pump. The existing radiators were replaced with larger column radiators specifically sized to match the heat pump’s lower design flow temperature. A thermogeological assessment was commissioned to investigate the thermal properties of the ground underneath the house and to determine the number and depth of the boreholes that would be needed to match the annual heat load of the house.

We identified a drilling contractor who completed ten 70m boreholes. We connected these to a 5-way buried manifold chamber with header pipes and pressure tested the connections. We installed a three-phase 25kW NIBE S1155 heat pump with a 750 litre unvented hot water cylinder in a ground floor utility room and connected it to the external manifold. Space heating is distributed to wall mounted radiators on both the ground and the upper floor.

Using the MyUplink portal the heat pump can be monitored remotely and notifications are sent directly to service support.