This single-storey new build home was constructed around the concrete frame of an Atcost barn that previously occupied the site.

We installed a 6kW Ecoheat 406 compact heat pump manufactured by CTC Enertech from Sweden. This heat pump achieves a high COP and is exceptionally quiet. It is located internally in a utility room between the kitchen and dining room and occupies a space the size of a standard fridge. Mains pressure hot water is supplied by an integral 200 litre thermal store.

The ground collector consists of two 50m slinkies in 1.2m deep horizontal trenches connecting to a 2-way manifold mounted on an external wall of the house. The ground conditions are saturated clay, which provides good thermal conductivity.

Space heating is distributed through underfloor heating throughout. By advising the builder to add extra insulation to the walls we were able reduce the design flow temperature for the heat pump to 35°C.