The Klover Smart 120 is a pellet–fired boiler/range cooker was installed to replace an oil-fired range cooker which had been very expensive to operate, the owners of this detached rural property have been able to make considerable annual savings on their fuel costs as well.


The main function of the boiler is to supply the central heating and hot water system, but it also incorporates a sealed oven and a cast-iron hot plate which are used for cooking. Its nominal output is 17.5kW to heating/hot water and 5.2 kW to room, but by closing or opening the stainless steel hob covers the proportion of heat going into the room can be controlled.


It has a 32kg internal ‘day’ hopper which needs to be kept topped up manually with three 10kg bags of wood pellets, roughly once a day in winter and every 2 or 3 days in summer.


The boiler is connected to a 220 litre triple coil hot water cylinder. This is also connected to a 40 tube solar thermal collector, which offsets pellet usage from late spring through to early autumn. The cylinder has two solar coils in the top and bottom of the tank. Once the upper tank reaches its target temperature, further solar gain is diverted into the lower tank. The solar circuit also includes a bypass radiator into which excess heat is automatically diverted.