For many years the owners of this rural home had heated it using a log boiler stove in their living room, but had recently decided that although they wanted to carry on using biomass, loading logs was becoming too labour intensive. By installing a modern pellet boiler they were able to automate their biomass heating system.


We installed a 22 kW Froling PE1c condensing pellet boiler and a pre-fabricated pellet store in a purpose built garage/plant room located 18m from the house. This heats a 700 litre buffer tank which is connected to the existing heating and hot water system in the house via a Microflex Duo pre-insulated heat main.


To improve boiler efficiency additional heat is extracted from the flue gases using integrated condensing technology which saves up to 10% of fuel costs. Condensate is flushed through the heat exchanger and diverted to drain.


The boiler is fuelled with wood pellets, fed via vacuum suction from a 3.3 tonne fabric pellet store. It is estimated that the store will need refuelling between 1 and 2 times a year.