The new owners of this listed building were keen to replace its existing oil-fired boiler with a biomass boiler to eliminate any use of fossil fuels for heating and hot water. The building has a very poor Band G Energy Performance rating and because of its listing there is little opportunity to improve the building fabric or air tightness.


We decommissioned the oil-fired boiler and replaced it with a 25 kW Froling PECO pellet boiler in the same plant room. The boiler is connected to a 300 Unicell NT hot water cylinder and to the space heating distribution system (wall mounted radiators).


A 500L Pellet Cube hopper is installed in an adjacent shed and connected pneumatically via suction hoses to the day hopper in the boiler. Bagged pellets are loaded manually by the client into the pellet cube, approximately once a week during the heating season.