The heating and hot water for this newly built 4-bedroom bungalow is provided by a pellet boiler stove and a solar thermal collector.

We installed a 15 kW Musa Hydro pellet boiler stove in the living room. This boiler is fed manually using bagged pellets. It is connected to a 500 litre thermal store in the cupboard of an adjoining bedroom. The thermal store provides both buffer capacity and mains pressure hot water.


Space heating is distributed from the thermal store to a central manifold, which is connected to a Thermaskirt skirting heating system and towel radiators. Each circuit is controlled via its own individual room thermostat.


The thermal store also has dual solar heat exchanger coils connected to a 50-tube solar thermal collector. Heat is firstly supplied to the upper coil. Once the upper part of the store attains its target temperature, the remaining heat is diverted towards the lower coil.