To reduce electricity bills we installed a 7.59 kW PV array connected to a 14.2 kWh capacity Energy Storage System (ESS). Between late spring and early autumn this array offsets power used by a 12kW NIBE S1155 GSHP which heats the house.


The PV array comprising 22 JA Solar 345 Wp modules is mounted on the roof of the garage. It is connected to a Soils 6kW hybrid inverter which is also mounted in the garage and is connected to a sub-distribution board.


The inverter is DC coupled to a 14.2 kWh Pylon Force-L2 low voltage battery, comprised of 4 modules. The modular construction of the battery provides a flexible solution which allows its capacity to be extended whilst in service.


The inverter is connected to an energy meter which monitors the import and export of power at the main distribution board in the house. It uses this to determine whether power generated by the PV array is used to supply household loads or if there is surplus that can be used to charge the battery. If there is a deficit it will determine whether this can be supplied from the battery rather than importing electricity from the grid.


The ESS is connected to the internet and its status and performance can be monitored via the Solis online monitoring portal.