This 4-bedroom new build has been designed and constructed to a high standard of energy efficiency. It uses a range of renewable technologies to maintain comfort and to minimise ongoing fuel costs.

A 6kW NIBE F2040 air source heat pump (ASHP) supplies heat to an underfloor heating manifold on the ground floor and to wall mounted radiators upstairs. The heat pump supplies domestic hot water during winter months.

The PV array comprises 15 JA Solar 270W polycrystalline modules (nominal capacity 4.05 kW) mounted in-roof using a GSE system. The array is connected to the grid via a Solis inverter.

To minimise use of the heat pump the DHW cylinder includes two immersion heaters. A PV diverter switch diverts any surplus power generated by the array initially to the upper heater element; when the upper cylinder reaches its target temperature any further surplus power is diverted into the lower heater.