A 40 kW Ecoangus log gasification boiler was installed as part of the extension and renovation of this large detached rural property. The boiler is located in a wood shed 20m from the house and is connected indirectly to the heating system via a heat exchanger and a short heat main.


The boiler heats a 3000 litre accumulator tank. Transfer of heat from the boiler to the accumulator is controlled by a Laddomat 21-60 load charging pump and valve, helping to maintain efficient combustion. A differential temperature controller switches off the charging pump if the boiler output temperature falls below the temperature in the accumulator.


An LPG boiler supplies backup heating to the house. Its controls have been interlinked so that if the temperature in the accumulator falls below its set point, the gas boiler automatically fires up. Temperature displays in the house allow the owners to monitor the current temperature in the upper and lower parts of the accumulator. This alerts them if the boiler needs to be recharged with logs.