This large 5-bedroomed detached house has been completely renovated and extended, with a heating and hot water system that combines a heat pump, a large boiler stove and a solar thermal collector.


The base load for the system is provided by a 16kW NIBE F2040 air source heat pump which is connected via a 22m Microflex Duo heat main to a 1000L tank-in-tank. The latter combines an unvented hot water tank with a buffer cylinder. For space heating it connects to a UFH manifold on the ground floor and a Thermaskirt skirting heating system on the upper floor, each of which operates at a different set point temperature.


We have installed a 30kW Woodfire Evo Panoramic log stove with a back boiler in a large dining room. The stove is inset in a purpose-built steel framed chamber, is pressurised and has externally vented overheating protection using a quench coil. It has a nominal output of 25kW to the boiler and 5kW to the room. The stove is connected via an LK810 Termomat charge control pump to the buffer tank.


Between late spring to early autumn a 40-tube Navitron SFB solar thermal collector contributes hot water. It is indirectly connected via upper and lower heat exchanger coils to the buffer tank.