The new owners of this 16th century listed 3-bedroom cottage were keen to
replace their oil-fired boiler with a heating system that uses renewable
resources. After weighing up the costs and benefits of alternative systems
they opted for an air source heat pump.

We reviewed the building using a room-by-room heat loss analysis and
determined that the heat pump would be able to meet the peak space
heating requirement at its maximum 50°C flow temperature, provided that
the heat emitter capacity of the radiators in some of the rooms were

We installed a 12 kW NIBE F2040 heat pump on a plinth against the wall of
the garage and connected it to the existing heating system in the house via
a short Microflex Duo heat main. It supplies a 180 litre unvented domestic
hot water storage cylinder. To achieve enhanced operating efficiency the
system is weather compensated, which ensures that the flow temperature
output by the heat pump is adjusted to match the outdoor temperature.

The NIBE Uplink facility provides remote monitoring which enables us to
provide enhanced technical support.