This 21-room grade 2* listed house was previously heated by 2 oil-fired boilers and an LPG boiler supplying separate heating and hot water circuits in different parts of the building. These were replaced by a single ground source heat pump (gshp) supplying a unified heating and hot water distribution system from a newly created plant room.

We installed a 3-phase 40kW NIBE F1345 ground source heat pump with a 1000L unvented hot water cylinder and 750L heating buffer. Space heating is distributed to wall mounted radiators across all 3 floors of the property. To compensate for poor mains water pressure we installed a 1200L Stuart Turner Aquaboost iMatic twin booster pump set in the plant room to maintain satisfactory hot and cold water pressure throughout the building.

The heat pump is connected via 100m header pipes to a 12-way buried manifold chamber in a nearby meadow, where the ground is mostly wet clay with a relatively high thermal conductivity. The manifold is connected to twelve 250m ground loops extended across the meadow, ie. 3km overall, supplying the heat pump with heat at ground temperature to match an estimated annual heat load of ~130,000 kWhs.

Using the MyUplink portal the heat pump can be monitored remotely and notifications are sent directly to service support.