As their oil boiler approached the end of its life, the owners of this large,
detached 4-bedroom house wanted to replace it with a more ‘climate
friendly’ system to heat both their house and their swimming pool.

We undertook a room-by-room heat loss analysis and determined that
provided the output capacity of several of the radiators were increased, the
peak heating requirement could be matched by a 16kW NIBE F2040 heat
pump operating at a design flow temperature of 50°C, equivalent to a
seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of 3.53.

The heat pump is installed on a concrete plinth 10m from the house and
connects to a 300L hot water cylinder and a 100L buffer tank in the plant
room via a buried Microflex Duo insulated heat main. It also connects to an
inline heat exchanger in the pool filtration circuit. An SMO S40 module
controls switching between heating, hot water and pool.

The NIBE heat pump uses an inverter-driven compressor which allows it to
modulate its output to match heat demand, using an external sensor to
calculate the required flow temperature (weather compensation).