To save money and reduce their CO2 emissions the owners of this 6 bedroom detached property aimed to replace their existing heating system, which consumed nearly 120,000 kWh of gas per annum, with an efficient modern heating system. At the same time, they also sought to reduce the cost of heating their indoor swimming pool.


By installing a 500 litre thermal store we were able to integrate their existing wood-fired range cooker with twin ATMOS gas-fired condensing boilers and a 60 tube solar thermal array. During the winter heat from the boiler of the range cooker helps to offset gas consumption, while the gas boilers ensure that sufficient heat will always be available.  From the thermal store heat is distributed to the existing wall mounted radiators.


The thermal store is also linked to a heat exchanger in the swimming pool filtration circuit. Surplus heat generated by the solar collectors in summer is circulated from the thermal store to heat the swimming pool.