The owners of this large detached property built in 2012 found that the
heat pump they had originally installed was failing after only about 5 years.
We were asked to propose a replacement that would have a longer life
expectancy and improved performance.

After decommissioning and removing the faulty unit, we installed a 12kW
NIBE F2040, mounted on the same concrete plinth and adopting as much
of the existing installation as possible. We connected the heat pump to the
existing hot water cylinder and buffer tank, and reconnected the control
wiring to a new SMO20 controller. The buffer tank connects to two
underfloor heating manifolds via a shunt pump.

Twin flat plate solar thermal collectors supply heat to the hot water
cylinder to offset the electricity consumed by the heat pump.
To achieve enhanced operating efficiency the system is weather
compensated, which ensures that the flow temperature output by the heat
pump is adjusted to match the outdoor temperature. The NIBE Uplink
facility provides remote monitoring which enables us to provide enhanced
technical support.