This solar collector (30 tube Thermomax DF100, direct flow) is installed on a flat roof at the top of a grade 2 listed building in an urban conservation area. A condition for listed building consent was that the solar collector should not be visible from ground level. To achieve this whilst at the same time optimising the angle of inclination, the solar collector is mounted horizontally on a frame that enables its inclination to be adjusted.


The collector is linked via an indirect heat exchanger coil to a vented thermal store. The thermal store is also linked to the back boiler of a 7kW wood stove. Any additional heat load not supplied through these renewable sources will be ‘topped up’ by a gas boiler. The thermal store supplies mains pressure hot water. Heat from the thermal store is distributed through wall mounted radiators.


The system includes a bypass radiator to dissipate excess heat during periods of low consumption or peak irradiation.