The owners of this large detached rural property decided to replace their aging oil-fired boiler with a modern, efficient biomass boiler. By installing a dual fuel boiler they are able to burn self-sourced logs from their own property whilst at the same time taking advantage of the convenience of burning wood pellets.

We installed a 40kW Froling SP Dual log and pellet boiler and two 1500 litre accumulator tanks in a converted outbuilding. These are connected via a 35m Rehau heat main to a plate heat exchanger in the basement of the house. The secondary side of the heat exchanger supplies heat to the existing radiator system and DHW storage cylinder.

We have also converted part of the outbuilding to a 6 tonne pellet store. Pellets are transferred pneumatically via 4 suction probes to the boiler. If logs have been loaded into the combustion chamber, when the accumulator tank temperature has dropped to its set point the boiler will automatically light them using the pellets. If no logs are loaded then the boiler will detect this and will heat the accumulator tanks using pellets instead.