For decades this prestigious property has been heated by three large oil boilers. The present owners were motivated by both the operating cost and environmental impact of consuming large quantities of heating oil.


Two of the oil boilers were decommissioned and removed from the plant room. A 40 kW Froling SP Dual log and pellet boiler and a 2250 litre accumulator tank were installed in their place. A heat exchanger was installed to connect the accumulator tank to the existing radiator system and DHW storage cylinder.


Wood pellets are the main fuel, supplemented by logs sourced from their estate. The remaining oil boiler was also connected to the accumulator tank and can be used as backup at times of peak heat demand.


We converted an existing adjoining building into an 8 tonne pellet store. Pellets are transferred pneumatically to the boiler. If logs have been loaded into the combustion chamber, when the accumulator tank temperature has dropped to its set point the boiler will automatically light them using the pellets. If no logs are loaded then the boiler will detect this and will use pellets instead.