This large detached house with an outdoor swimming pool has been refurbished to a very high standard. To provide heating and hot water, an 850 litre thermal store integrates a 150-tube solar thermal array and a wood burning stove, with an oil-fired boiler providing backup.


To promote the solar contribution the thermal store has two solar coils. Initially heat is directed to the top coil. After the upper cylinder has attained its target temperature, then flow is diverted to the lower coil to heat the rest of the cylinder. Once the whole of the thermal store is at its target temperature further heat is diverted to a heat exchanger in the swimming pool filtration circuit.


An Aarrow TB70 wood stove is directly connected to the thermal store. For the majority of the heating season this is capable of meeting most of the heat requirement. During the coldest periods the oil boiler will top-up any shortfall.


Heat distribution is from the thermal store into a shunt circuit with valves diverting heat to 3 separate underfloor heating manifolds.