This modern leisure complex on the outskirts of Tenterden includes a large indoor swimming pool and gymnasium and it is a heavy consumer of electricity. A 96 module PV array comprised of Sharp 185 Wp panels has been installed to help offset the energy costs. The total rated capacity of the array is 17.76 kWp and its estimated annual output is in the region of 14,500 kWhs.


The array is mounted with a cruciform system onto a purpose built frame suspended above an insulated roof.  We were concerned that standard methods of attaching mounting rails would involve penetrating the roof with self tapping hanger bolts screwed into the purlins. This would have created cold bridges across the insulation and the chlorine from the pool would corrode the bolts. The method we used avoids penetrating the roof ensuring that its structural integrity remains intact.


A Sunny Tripower 15000TL inverter converts the DC power from the array to AC power that is supplied to the hotel via the main distribution board.